From a teenager’s journal

It took me some time to decide whether to start a blog, who can blame me when my greatest commitment to this day has been joining the gym for two weeks. i joined this website so I can say what I want, when I want, cause truth to tell, in reality I’m put on mute: I’m a teenager, the youngest in my family and a girl whose voice usually tends to get ultrasonic. It is totally understandable but unfair nonetheless. If I can give one word to describe myself, it is that I’m an aspirant; I aspire to be kind, I aspire to be brave, I aspire to be intelligent, I aspire to be honest..( some of you may have picked on what I’m implying, if not excuse me but that’s what reading divergent would do to you, and watching Theo James in the movie). On a serious note, I aspire to be a writer and hopefully the best possible version of myself. Books are my shelter, and the writers, my heroes. Long story short, I will try to post some of my writings, which is never something easy to do and it’s a mystery to me how often people do it ( don’t get me started on Taylor Swift and her lyrics), but I hope you out there read the writings of a girl who’s although inexperienced but also is as passionate as Bridget Jones.let me know if you liked it.Thank You. diray
It is rather sad, how past relationships can define you. That mistakes are never forgotten. How horribly it can affect your choices. Always being cautious not to end up on the same road again. It is terrible how you lose the beauty of spontaneity just because that might remind you of certain bitter feeling you so wish to forget. Always being on the run from your own memory that keeps on betraying you, reminding you of times and places that led to a certain event and that one person that led to thousand of emotions…and that one moment where you lost it all.



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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about

  2. Wow! That’s just amazing, the world needs more courageous teen girls like you pouring your thoughts out to the world, i also read your other post and it was also amazing. Keep it up, and you never know where it’ll make you end up.

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