Why let numbers define us

I was thinking if what I’m doing in my life is because I want to do them or because it’s what I should do, which I think many people have thought of during one part of their lives. Like, I’m always thinking of taking a break from my studies and just travel and volunteer and try new things with new people, break some crazy record and prove some people wrong. Prove them that I can make it without following their rules. How awesome would that be. Just live on my own conditions. Just stop, take a step back and try a new path, take on an adventure. Not stress about finishing university a year earlier, or start a new job sooner or meet someone right after college, because that’s how it should be. How hung up are we on numbers?


Graduate at 21, marry at 22, have your first kiss at 16… Who put these stupid limits? And what if you skipped the “normal” number,then what? Would things just fall apart or will something more amazing happen that you might’ve been too scared to consider. One must think about this. Think about the possibilities, once you free yourself from numbers.

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