Go big or Go home

We all have dreams that seem so out of reach, dreams that we’re too afraid to say out loud over fear of sounding crazy and trust me when I tell you, i know the feeling. I’ve spent countless hours practicing my Oscar speech, that sometimes i actually feel I’m Meryl freaking Streep. i mean seriously how can someone be that good at something is beyond my comprehension, but the other day someone told me that in order to succeed in life you have to do one thing and that is ‘protect your dream from others and from yourself’. first, i didnt quite understand what it means to protect a dream from the self but then it got me to think, we are our own worst nightmare. we spend hours looking at pictures of models, and reading about celebrity flings and how uber flang they are and what not that we literally start to hate our lives. i mean in our defense who doesn’t want to become the next America’s sweetheart, or be an angel like mrs. Swanepoel or why not a witch like mrs. Hermoine, but the way i see it those comparisons we make in our heads can either make us or break us. Like, instead of eating yourself into a food coma just because you don’t have JLo’s booty, you can get your booty off the couch and start working out to have the body and the booty of your dream.


So,if you have a dream, you have to protect it. Your dream is part of your soul. It is really crazy how things are connected, it is also crazy how the smallest thing can cause the most harm. How a word once said, or a picture once seen can shake your whole self. But believe me when i tell you, everything is a matter of perception,because that one picture can also shatter a chain to million pieces. for the chain is one’s deepest fear. whether it’s fear of letting go,fear of change, of failure or fear itself, this broken chain can lead to wherever you want. the possibilities are endless just like you dreams are endless. so protect your dream and do not take it lightly. As far as i know, your dream is your calling.Dream Big

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