A guaranteed tomorrow

What if today’s your last day? What would you do knowing that this is how you’ll be remembered for the rest of time? What would you say? Would you confess your undying love? Would you pray for a moment of clarity? Would you let your young soul run free from everything that confines you? Would you go skinny-dipping or kiss that stranger at the end of the bar? Would you run wild and free under the stars and celebrate your youth under the moon? Dance and sing from the bottom of your heart and give a spark to every burning soul. What if I told you that today is that day. What would you change right now if you’ve just had the chance?

This got me to think, no matter how much they say “live today as if it’s your last”, one never really does. No one ever really takes the chance, and I think that’s because with live with the certainty that there’s always tomorrow, like the universe owes us another day. But how many times does one have to miss life changing chances, till he discovers he has been a fool. And that’s exactly what we are. We’re fools to think that we have a guaranteed tomorrow.

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